D.I.Y : Anchor Statement Wall from ABeautifuMess

Been a (really) long time no post! welcoming my 6th semester! yihaw! and im about to moving house and need some inspirations for the decor things for my future room. Randomly i found this SUPER BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE d.i.y from the GODDES BLOGGER! drum roll please .. (ba,dum,tssss) : A Beautiful Mess
O My God this is really what i need. the Anchor-statement-fever! YAY! i would like to apply this d.i.y to my next-room..


Bau Masa Lalu

Mencium aroma khas dari masa lalu, serasa dibawa oleh mesin waktu.Diajak berlari lari dari satu tempat satu ke tempat yang lainnya,dan kemudian menyatu dalam satu masa di masa lalu.

Kamu pernah mencium bau masa lalu?


It's How You Plant It!

Found another coolest sites,that shared about the different way in planting trees. it's just like you know changing the pot into another container.. Let's Check the pictures out!

book planters from Apartment Therapy
 i saw these from one two three peaceful

d.i.y cork planters from up cycle that
 Gorgeous hanging terrarium from The Charley Girl :) im so in love
and this is the best! :D you can get the jellyfish air plants from this Etsy 

Hope this post can inspires us.. to be more creative and inovative :)


2 Bonus? Made my Day!

Dapet dua bonus sekaligus dari majalah Gogirl Indonesia edisi Desember,dengan cover depan "The Adorable, Emma Stone" :D
These are two journals from Gogirl! Magz, Thanks Gogirl! :D really made my day~

have a good time,bloggers!


D.I.Y : Advent Calendar

Found this creative idea from brideblu blog. I'm so impressed, go check the blog and try this advent calendar at your home! :)


I'm not sleep alone, There's cat who always accompany me.they stay in my room! see them?

meow this and meow that


Love Growing

D suprisingly came to my room, knocked out the door and gave this to me! aaaa.. ubercute! this is what i want for a looong time.. This must be a pot of vegetable-plant but this is a tumbler, if you buy this, you will get seeds and mud inside the tumbler! wow! this is way when vegetable-planting could be this fun :)

the instruction

i put the tumbler near the window, so it will get the sun shine easily,but the bad news is.. this month, the sun always hiding behind the grey cloud :( heavy rain come often.. hiks
 dear baby spinach,please grow up soon :*