[what i've done on january]

At the beginning of January and so early in the year of 2010 :
it was my first experience : i celebrate *New Year Eve*
with my beloved person
i spent that night with him.we saw big great fireworks at Dago.
Fireworks continued then appear at the top. I couldn't get to see the fireworks were popping.that was really AWESUM!!!!what a lovely

Alright then....
I went to Bekasi to met my parents...then i back home to Bandung..then back again to Bekasi..then to Bandung..then...aargh enough.hehehe.my Vacation was over :(
H-1 back to school..on saturday.....i had SUKACOKI's day out..(sukacoki is the name of my gang)
we went to Dapla (Dago Plaza).we went to karaoke,then we ate some cheese cakes

the next day began the tedious routine of learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya STUDY HARD for face the final and national EXAM..
Oh my.... :(
i felt very depressed
national exam at this time further complicated by the system....ahhhhhhhhhh.i dont care!don't have to think about what, how, who, and why ...but, I should think about... is focus of study in order to graduate from high school..WISH ME LUCK ya ;)

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