It;'s movie review time :D

Jum'at 26 february 2010
hari ini maulid nabi
berarti tandanya
tanggal merah nih di kalender

okay...aku coba meminimalisir "kegaringan" yang ada.karena hari ini,tyas nggak pergi kemana mana.akhirnya.aha!baru inget kalo banyak DVD yang udah pada dibeli tapi belom di tonton (haha.what a dumb!)
aku coba bunuh waktu dengan seonggok dvd (hahaha.seonggok bahasanya)
seakan akan .. kaset-kaset dvd itu berebut berbicara pada tyas "play me!play me!play me!"
then i choose the coolest one ya! judulnya "It's Complicated"
dari covernya wuuu keliatan kalo film ini ber genre "komedi dewasa"
setelah ditonton
wuuuuuuuuuu...film ini meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam bagi diri saya pribadi (ciiieh)
kalo nggak percaya..bisa coba ditonton
"It's Complicated"
aha.good recommendation! winkwink ;)

From time to time Hollywood comes up with a surprise product and this movie is one of those surprises. This movie was actually good. It had an actual STORY. The movie is a comedy but has its serious moments. Meryl Streep was great, Steve Martin was toned down in a support role, but the real star is Alex Baldwin whose presence props up this movie and transforms it into a good if not great cinematic work. As much as the director tries to make this movie a Meryl Streep vehicle, Mr. Baldwin steals the show. This has to be his best movie in years, maybe in his entire career. He is a combination of amusing, charming, and serious and whenever the movie starts dragging a "dose" of Mr. Baldwin is enough to get it back on track. What a wonderful performance by an excellent actor. Parts of the movie are hilarious, such as the bedroom scene with Ms. Streep, Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Martin (it's not what you think it is) but generally the humor tends to be at the level of chuckles instead of guffaws. *Good movie, worth watching.*


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