the best man after my father

okay.the best man after my father! Muhammad Hasan Husein Suryowiryawan Yudiono.the best guy i ever met!he had stolen my heart and also MY MOTHER'S HEART!sounds awkward.but my mom told me : "he is a nice guy,i like him.i pray for you.you'll be his last" SUPER WOW! im proud of him!really.

Sometimes,i hate him,miss him,really miss him,or really really miss him.he's just not my friend.he's my boyf,he's my brother,he's my adviser,my motivator,my enemy,he's my BEST!in every conditions!

Our Fights,Our Laughs,Our Adventures,Our Photos will be-framed into one packaging,i'll keep them for future,then someday i'll tell to our children...about US!in PAST!just TWO of US!

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