Inspired by....

Last friday i went to 'somewhere' as we known as 'kemana aja boleh' with my boyf.
We did 'hunting' or i loved to said that with "menikmati keindahan di balik lensa" :)
Alhamdulillah the weather was nice!i could do anything and captured all the things i looked :)
And!nah! i did the photoshoot with my boyf,i prepared all the things i need!flowers,books,cameras,an so on!
Then,i really really wanted to did the photoshoot just like Evita Nuh the wardrobe i did wear was similiar to her!OKAY!dont call me im a copycater,im just to obsessed with her!bcause i love her style ;)

-Evita Nuh-


Look at the vest and shirt that I did wear! almost similar to Evita's right?but certainly Evita's BETTER than mine.hihi :p

see ya in the next posting! bye :D