LACE drives me crazy

give me L give me A give me C give me E! LACE ! im pretty sure y'all had known what lace is.And im soooo into the vintage things! especially LACE! IMHO lace is one of the vintage things!ok stop explaining!For you, who do not know yet,i'll give you picts

well done!now what? maybe...u found them on ur granny's bra?or ur mommy's pants?
And also you can find them on Umbrella , Headband , and DRESS , and...and so on..

Look at those runaway models!did they look HYPE?uh SURE! They looked soo HYPE! LOVE THEIR DRESS!

Ok,this morning i opened my notebook then browsing,browsing and browsing and finaly i found a such cool web,that was http://www.gogirlmagz.com This web had review of lace and that's why today i make this post, the post that magz made, inspiring me :)
I'll repost about what we have to do with lace!let's check this out :D

Lace is a very feminine fabric, jadi sangat cocok digunakan untuk acara formal, apalagi dengan backless yang membuat si pemakai terlihat lebih seksi dan classy.

source : gogirlmagz
i hope this tips will useful to y'all

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