strawberry on top.nyum!♥

Me on date with my mommy and my boyfie.
LAST LAASST laaaaast thursday me,my mom,and dion went to "Bebek Garang Food Store"
After me and dion picked up my mom at the bus station we went there.

highly recommended place for "sindikat kuliner" yihaaaaa~ :D
loved those foods,from batagor,bbq sausage,duck roasted, and extra hot sambal.sluurpsluurp
me ordered "bebek bakar kagok negro" , "es teh tarik" , and "banana split" for dessert...
aaaaghhhhhh...melted when i saw the chocolate syrup,and starwberry syrup colored the bananas.and strawberry fruit on top of the banana.and vamnilla ice cream enough to attaching my tongue .nyumm nyummmm

how doest it look?looks so yummy and sweet!you should try this.i wish i could back forward the time :') having a date w/ mommy and dion again

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