GARAGE SALE ---- part 1

31 maret lalu,saya dan teman-teman mengadakan Garage Sale.Acara ini dipelopori oleh “Just August Shop” (Echi as the owner of this shop+the leader of this event) bertepatan di Hanz’s café Bandung.we sold handmade stuffs,second stuffs,and new stuffs!

This was the first experience for me and my friends to be involved for the event like this.AWESUM-NESS! :D

our booths are ready!

our handmade necklace

statement rings

so do they..

our handmade rings

Garage Sale dibuka.... :D

rather crowded here :))

Aaannd….special thanks for my D.he accompanied me almost 24 hours ! :*

Tottaly fun.i want did it again and again.Maybe on June, me and my friends will make Garage Sale Part 2 in Bandung again *wishing*.i wish y’all join with us!bytheway,thanks for came and did shop,shop-hopers!i wish we can meet again at the same event but in the other place!See Ya! :D

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