photoshoot for cultivate shop!

Assalammualaikum :)
you know,i actually prefer to post pictures rather than having a write more in each post
because a picture tells everything,
eventhou representing a hundred words (agreeee?) hehe :p
well...i did photoshoot for my online shop,named "cultivate" and also i did photoshoot for lookbook (long time i didn't post any pict on my lookbook acc :p)

you can check out my "lapak online" at GoGirlMagzStore and my lookbook


  1. agree with u.
    i also have word like that. talk less, picture more..hehehhe

  2. woah...what a cool blog. wisht i can mix and match my style like that. LOL. It's just quite hard since i have this big body..hahahah...

  3. @dorothy : :D yea! me too
    @chloe : hey! fashion is not about the appearance,weight,fashion is about our confidence,and our character! so...do your mix and match with your own way,with your own style ;)