TGIF (Thanks God Im Freakin-happy)

Thanks God It’s Friday!yay! i accompany D to pick up my mother at the bus station.my mother will come from Bekasi

14.00 we arrived at the bus station.and waited for my mother,then D got message from mother,he said to me“your mother said,she’ll arrive at Bandung about 4 o’clock”

Itu berarti tandanya kami harus menunggu sekitar 2 JAM LAGI! So…what we have to do now selama 2 jam sambil menunggu ibu?

Kami memutar otak dan memikirkan sebuah ide yang aneh walau agak sedikit maksa, kami akan menyulap mobil menjadi mini movie box.VOILA!!!

Eventhou D didn’t have a special-fab-dvd on his car,but we still have ……laptop.ya!kami menonton dvd dari laptop J) and we change popcorn into beef burger+French fries .we love McD’s menus a lot than popcorn (HA-HA!)

Salah satu bukti tanda kecintaan kami pada produk McD. D menempelkan sticker ini pada persneleng mobil LOL!

We sat on the backsit of the car sambil mengemil banyak banyak ketang goreng.nyam

we watched “sex drugs and rock n roll”,the movie is not that cool just like its title. -_- *yawn*

but im still happy,cause this is the first time I made it!haha.maybe next time we would do the same thing again!any recommend for best movie? :)

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