lovely gift!

This is my photoshoot at Dago Pakar wearing bowler hat and vintage dress,with Grandma's handbag.
One day i came to Dion's house and met Dion's Grandma.As usual, she told about everything.She told story bout herself when she was young.Actually she loved to dance with her husband (a.k.a Dion's Grandpa ) she loved to drift (GLEK!) she loved to travelling from country to country.One day, she and her husband went to Paris.She spent lotsa time with her beloved!and also did shopping!and for shorten this story,she bought a lil-black-handbag.And....... Ah! then she took the handbag. "tyas....this is for you".... WHAT?! *nervous* "this?for me?Grand...are u sure to give this historic-thing for me?!" then she laugh "nenek sih...mau kemana pake tas ini dengan umur sekarang?kalo tyas mau,pake aja" yay.then i smiled to her :) lucky meeeeeh!

i thought this handbag is too nice to be mine :)

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