GARAGE SALE ---- part 2

voilaaa~~~ new layout and header.. yeayh.. honestly i don't even lyk this layout and header :)) maybe... 100 times i did look for vintage layout but i haven't met "it layout" yet. :( ah.forget it! menepati janji dari post Garage Sale part1,ya! saya dan teman-teman akhirnya mengadakan garage sale (lagi) but in other place!
Garage Sale was held at the "Resep Eyang". Cafe which located in downtown with a classic-touch and a lil-bit-vintage for the interior and warm atmosphere and also serves a delicious dish! nyum nyum :9
Garage Sale elivened by the accoustic show too! there were many awesum-people who participanted in accoustic!

Acara berlangsung selama 3 hari berturut-turut!dari tanggal 8 sampai 10! terimakasih kepada semua pengunjung yang datang! :D

jelly lens (wide series)
(for y'all who shops over Rp150.000.-)

work hard,think possitive,good team,and ton of smiles! yes! we can did it! :)

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