i love detail

Ah! It's Sunday already,and tomorrow's gonna be the laziest day to start. 'moan'-day.
Nom i'm just sitting and start blogging,and gonna post some random post today.I'm not included of that diligent person who studying on sunday night,i prefer blogging than studying :p heehee

I'm so into lace and floral thing.Start from collecting stuffs which containing floral pattern or lace: shoes, socks, skirts, tops , headband, and so on.

I'm killing the time with snap on some pictures of my shoes.I take my shoes off from the box and put my lace socks on,and try to combining with my floral flat-shoes.and taa-daa here are the results..

white lace socks with purple-pink-floral pattern canvas shoes 

cream lace socks with yellow-orange-light blue-floral pattern canvas shoes

i love detail

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