New Blinkie!

Do you see blinkie beside this post? That's my toycam-line shop. Roll Cam Shop sells any kind of toycam such as Disderi,Jelly Lens,and Aquapix then roll film.I've always smile happily if there was a customer who loved about the result of the product(camera), or just like the shape of that product because the camera looks like a toy.Uber-cute :)

 Best Seller : Fisheye Jelly lens (green) u can get that for only Rp.30.000/item!!! how cheap is! am i right or just trully right? :D

This is my customer,Agri , she's using fisheye jelly lens for her Blackberry, and here's the result...

And this is Jemmy Reno's experience....

Jemmy Reno, he bought expired roll film from Roll Cam Shop

he used Disderi 3Lens and used that film, and here are the results...

(btw, i love those vintage tones, hehe :p)

So, what's the different between expired roll and new roll film.I had experience with toycam too,i used Octopus Panorama toycam,and one day i had my first experience used that toycam,i used new roll film from fujifilm,asa 400.and here it is..

that's my besties.from the left,she's Achi,and the girl who act like she was drinking orange juice is Uwi :D

So.. what are you waiting for? are u searching for a cute camera? are you searching for an unique gift? Roll cam Shop has the answer ;D

good nite young dreamers! sleep tigggghhhht! *HUGS*

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