We Called it "Quality Time"

Sixth of October is my father's bornday, so.. we (me and all my families except my father) made a plan to had a trip for re-freshing and celeberating my father's birthday at the same time. (yes, it just like make a 'secret plan' for my father.heehe). So, we decided to go to Cipayung,Bogor on October,8th, last Saturday.Cipayung had fresh air because that place was nearby the mountains and our eyes treated well by the view.

Cimory is one of the famous restaurant over there, and we're curious enough to come to that place.The place was really comfortable and cozy.Cimory is...... umm..,maybe you'll know after you see this picture

Yes ..What?Ahhh..ah you're right!those yogurts,we can usually find in supermarkets.Cimory Yogurt.

Besides hawking yogurt, the restaurant also sells delicious foods and supper-yummy drinks.

Banana Vanila Hazelnut

German Bratwurst

a-Yummiest-Banana Split :9

At any time if you'll go to Cipayung, then you must come to Cimory.Yes!It's a-MUST! :D

Well..good nite bloggers,sweet dreams! :)