Welcome Home Nobski!

not blogging for a loooong time. i feel an emptyness..haaah. i've told ya before my notebook (i called, Nobski) was damaged :( then i sent nobski to ACER, and now Nobski healed!ho-ree!!
 it's time for me to start blogging again! :D yeay! This is what i called , "Nobski Returns" or whatever.... at the point, i'm simply happy :) Welcome home, Nobski!

At time when nobski is under-repairing, I missed that news,I missed all about bloggers-news! That Diana Rikasari  had a coolness wedding with Sharjeel, Sonia Eryka is starring a commercial break on TV,and much more :(

Ohya!well, I'll tell you about something that makes me sad..
dear bloggers, On Wednesday, Nov 9 2o11, My father just passed away :( This is the hardest part of my life to let him go forever. But, to be honest, i believe that my father is in heaven now :) I'll be missing you,Pak. Keep watchin' over and protecting me as always.
Rest In Peace Forever :')

In memoriam,my beloved father,  Hendro Bawono. My brother took this photo when we visited our father in RS. Jantung Harapan Kita,Jakarta

 PS : i miss you a lot!<3

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