(You + Us = We)...are the champions!

NBL Indonesia Last day at Gor C-tra Bandung (Sunday, 18 of December 2011). I watched Garuda Speedy (Bandung) Vs. CLSKnights (Surabaya) with my fellas.We were required to wear a red clothes, because that day is a day of tribute to Andre Tiara, and for everyone who wearing red, they'll get 50% disc for the ticket.

from left : Mega,Sella,Njum,Ipey,ME :D , and Omet

and Garuda treated the audiences and fan of garuda with their BEAUTIFUL game!Perfecto!
Garuda won from CLS! Everyone stand up and sang a "Garuda di Dadaku" song from Netral band. I jumped happily and claps my hand til their turned red. hahahaa :)) I'm proud of Garuda Speedy Bandung :)

After the game we went out of the building and wait for the players for taking the photos together *hihi *kapanlagicobaaaa~ :D

Finally, i got Sumampaow and Hendru from Garuda Speedy! yay! :D 

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