June Wishlist

Omagaahh.. today is 26th of May already, it feels like just yesterday i wrote about "
Things I Love in Early May "- post. tomorrow is my mother's birthday. i planned a lil bit surprise for her.wish me luck!

Next week we'll meet June (time goes really fast) I must pass final exam On 4th of June, On 5th June, i'll catch myself in 20 years old *yea i know.old,right?*

June is my magic month,  i hope.. on June i get and i can buy these stuffs..

*Nooo guys! this isn't a code or alert or whatever you named it.HAHAHA :))*


  1. true! and i extremely want that camera:(

  2. loooove the vintage Polaroid!! do you know where i can get my hands on one? :)

    super cute blog btw

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

  3. so that's the problem, i have not find the store yet :(

    aw,thanks andrea <3