It's How You Plant It!

Found another coolest sites,that shared about the different way in planting trees. it's just like you know changing the pot into another container.. Let's Check the pictures out!

book planters from Apartment Therapy
 i saw these from one two three peaceful

d.i.y cork planters from up cycle that
 Gorgeous hanging terrarium from The Charley Girl :) im so in love
and this is the best! :D you can get the jellyfish air plants from this Etsy 

Hope this post can inspires us.. to be more creative and inovative :)


  1. Oh, I adore the jellyfish air plants! I am a huge lover of jellyfish. I am so excited to move to my new home where I will be able to plant flowers.

    lindsey louise


    1. so happy that the post that i shared, gave u some inspirations <3
      okay! good luck and happy-planting :D