Love Growing

D suprisingly came to my room, knocked out the door and gave this to me! aaaa.. ubercute! this is what i want for a looong time.. This must be a pot of vegetable-plant but this is a tumbler, if you buy this, you will get seeds and mud inside the tumbler! wow! this is way when vegetable-planting could be this fun :)

the instruction

i put the tumbler near the window, so it will get the sun shine easily,but the bad news is.. this month, the sun always hiding behind the grey cloud :( heavy rain come often.. hiks
 dear baby spinach,please grow up soon :*


  1. hwaaah seriously ini beli dimana? (♥o♥)
    and the window ♥

  2. yep! i'm in love with this :>
    ini beli di Gramedia, biasanya di bagian gift-gift gitu. Selamat searching, Good Luck <3